Assistant Director - Kayla Walker

Kayla Walker is our amazing Assistant Director. She has been with TLHLC since we opened in 2016. She is a very fun-loving girl that can relate to children of all ages. Ms. Kayla loves to take pictures of the children and document their growth and development through photography. Ms. Kayla is has obtained her CDA and plans on completing the State of Georgia Director Training in the near future. Ms. Kayla believes that it is important to foster confidence in the hearts and minds of young children. She encourages teachers to engage with the children one-on-one and in small group settings. She believes praising children for their efforts is the best way to ensure they possess a life-long love for learning. 

Lead One Year Old Teacher - Israel Pansy

Ms. Israel is our fun-loving Climbers Lead Teacher. She holds her TCC in Early Childhood Development. She has been working with children for 3 years and has been with TLHLC since early 2017.  She has worked with all age groups and really loves working with the young toddlers. Ms. Israel loves to sing with the kids and get down on their level. Patience and a sense of care are two of the virtues that she employs in the classroom. She believes that helping children learn through using their own sense of curiosity is the best way to teach. 

Ms. Destini is the amazing chef at The Little House. She has been in childcare since 2008 and loves interacting with the kids. Her love of cooking comes directly from her parents. She enjoys experimenting with flavors and new combinations of food. Ms. Destini thinks that when children are given nutrition education and quality food, they will be happier little people.   

Ms. Karen Woodworth is our wonderful Lead Three Year Old Teacher. She has two adult sons, one who is in the Air Force currently stationed in Japan and her other son also works in the education field and is currently pursuing his Masters Degree. Ms. Karen enjoys gardening, cooking, and reading in her spare time. Ms. Karen has 11 years of elementary, K-5, experience and has her Bachelors in Mathematics. She has tutored all aged in the subjects in language arts, reading, and math. Her primary reason for pursuing her career in the Early Childhood Education field is so that she can create a strong foundation for children at an earlier age, in hopes that tutoring won't be necessary as they continue to grow and develop. Ms. Karen believes that a balance between language, physical, and cognitive development is crucial in a classroom setting. Small, interchangeable groups allow children to develop relationships with each other and to gain independence during closely supervised, child-directed activities.  

Our Staff

Lead Infant Teacher - Sonia Hernandez

Ms. Sonia is our amazing Infant Teacher. She holds her Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy and Respiratory Therapy. She has been in the education field since 2010 and has primarily taught in the Infant classroom. Ms. Sonia is from Puerto Rico and is one of our bi-lingual teachers. Ms. Sonia enjoys singing, talking, and reading to the children in her class. She believes that the infant room is where the foundation of the children's lives are helped formed.

Ms. Lis Rivadeneyra is our exceptional Lead Private Pre-K teacher. She enjoys attending Zumba classes and hiking/bike-riding in the mountains. Ms. Lis has been working with children since 2006 in a variety of settings. Ms. Lis is originally from Colombia and is trilingual, speaking Spanish, English, and French. She has been in the USA since 2011 and has since, not only tutored foreign exchange students, but she is also currently tutoring college students at KSU. Ms. Lis has her Bachelors of Arts in Modern Languages and Culture: Second Language in Culture and Spanish with a Minor in French. Ms. Lis believes that developing strong relationships with her children is key when teaching. You can learn something new every day from each other. Real-life examples and life skills are important for our children to learn. Explaining and taking the time to answer the question "why?" is how Ms. Lis believes the youth of today will become the future leaders of tomorrow.  

Doris Romero - Co-Founder, Owner

Doris Romero is the co-founder of The Little House Learning Center. She works closely with the administration to create lesson plans that address the specific needs of each classroom. Doris supervises the teachers and provides feedback as needed. She helps select the appropriate materials and textbooks for the center. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Psychology with a Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Development, as well as a Masters in Psychology. Doris has worked for the Colombian Army as a psychologist. During this time she offered cognitive, emotional, and social support for children and families of Army members. Doris and her husband, Francisco, have two sons that attend The Little House Learning Center. Doris believes that early education is essential for the proper growth and development of children as they age. Her main goal is to contribute to the future of your children by making them respectful, honest, and successful members of society.

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Lead Three Year Old Teacher - Karen Woodworth

Lead Private Pre-Kindergarten Teacher - Lis Rivadeneyra

Assistant Teacher/Cook - Destini Davis


Lead Two Year Old Teacher - Lyndsay Taylor

Executive Director - Jeannie Springs

Jeannie Springs is the Executive Director of The Little House Learning Center. She is responsible for overseeing the daily operation of the center and the overall functions of the program. Jeannie is highly motivated with a lot of love for children and high quality education. Jeannie has been working in childcare since 2007 and currently has her CDA and State of Georgia Director Training Certificate. She has taught every age group and has a daughter of her own. She is highly trained in developmentally appropriate curriculum standards for birth through five years of age. Jeannie’s vision for the school is that when families walk in to The Little House Learning Center, they will see a learning filled environment that is organized. They will hear singing, laughing, and fun flowing from every classroom. Jeannie’s staff will be motivated, inspired, and supported by her so that they are able to be the most creative, welcoming, and caring teachers that they can be. Jeannie wants the families to feel a sense of security and comfort while entrusting our school with their most precious possessions, their children. 

Ms. Lyndsay Taylor is our talented Lead Two Year Old Teacher. She has a son of her own who is 7 years old. They enjoy going to the beach together to just hang out and Ms. Lyndsay loves to draw. Ms. Lyndsay has worked in childcare for 14 years with at least 8 of those years being with our lovely two-year olds. Ms. Lyndsay currently has her Child Development Associate (CDA).  Ms. Lyndsay encourages her children to work together and accomplish their goals as a class. She teaches self-help skills and prides herself on being the potty-training queen!

Co-Director - Crystal Avalos

Crystal Avalos is the Co-Director of The Little House Learning Center. She is responsible for the day-to-day happenings in the center. Crystal currently has her CDA, as well as her State of Georgia Director Training. She has been in the Early Childhood Education field since 2013 and truly enjoys helping children and families to grow and learn. Crystal is bilingual and has a son named Emiliano. Crystal's ultimate goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment for children to explore and play. Crystal ensures that the teachers and children are learning, playing, and caring, while contributing to the basis of a happy childhood.