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Our Bilingual Approach 

    The Little House Learning Center strives to promote the development and strengthening of competencies that each child possesses and to prepare them for a successful school experience. 

We are convinced that the advantages of educating a child to be bilingual are innumerable; keeping in mind the success of such as education depends on the method in which the second language is introduced.  

In our bilingual program, the two languages are equally important and the spirit of this is reflected in all areas of the school, on the bulletins boards, notices, and center materials. All items are presented in English as well as Spanish. Our goal is to teach the children to be proficient at both languages. 

 Our approach to teaching in two languages is carried out  by creating a division of time and classes when each language is used.  Spanish-speaking teachers will teach the children part of the day in Spanish, and English-speaking teachers will teach the other part of the day in English. 

By using this approach, we want to establish the linguistic borders of both languages so that children associate each person with a specific language, as happens in real life. The teachers will not speak to the children in a language other than the one that they teach, reinforcing their class work. 

 In the toddlers class (age 2), it is very important to begin with a 90% Spanish and 10% English program, because English-speaking children speak their native language at home and in their day to day involvement with society. On the other hand, Spanish-speaking children need to compensate and reinforce the minority language (Spanish), which does not have the same social reinforcement as English. 

Later, in the 3 and 4-year-old groups, language usage is gradually balanced until a double immersion program is reached (50% English and 50% Spanish).